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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two dogs poisoned after tainted food is put in their backyard. >> a child turned blue in the face. herman cain is hours away from announcing whether he stays in the presidential race or drops out. we begin with a story out of mitchell south dakota former presidential candidate george mcgovern fell and hit his head minutes before a live interview on cspan. the 89-year-old was flown to a hospital in south dakota. he is a former senator and was getting ready to take part in a live program focusing on failed presidential candidates who changed the landscape of american politics. he was taking when he was taken
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away. a scandal in the district. the fbi and irs raided harry thomas jr.'s home today. they spelt almost all day at the house. jackie bensen outside that house in northeast d.c. >> reporter: the full significance of what happened here today is not yet known but it doesn't look good. after a long day, federal agents finally left the home of d.c. council member harry "tommy" thomas, jr. >> we think at the end of the investigation will the be found that mr. thomas didn't violate any criminal laws. that's what we told the press. >> reporter: federal agents descended on his home. there was a lot of coming and going by fbi agents. items were taken from the home it at one point thomas's motorcycle seen here were towed
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away. sources tell wrc that the federal government is looking at thomas's use of $300,000 of city money to fund a youth sports program. he returned the money but admitted no wrong doing. >> i'm hopeful it comes to an end quickly and the council can move on. >> i'm sad that it has reached this point. and my feelings i have been thinking about council member thomas and his mother and his family. and how terribly impactful this must be for them. >> reporter: the d.c. council was scheduled to meet on this matter to discuss it today. it was postponed until monday. jim and doreen, back to you. >> thank you, jackie. herman cain is expected to announce tomorrow whether he will continue his presidential campaign. earlier this week cain was reassessing his campaign after
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an atlanta woman came forward. cain says he will speak with his wife before announcing his final decision. donald trump is set to moderate a presidential debate in iowa. "news max" will host the debate a week before the iowa caucuses. all g.o.p. contenders have been invited to participate. he has been critical of president obama and got a lot of attention when he questioned the validity of the president's birth certificate. police are asking for help in their effort to find a thief. a man walked into a preschool and stole things from people's purses. it happened during the busy morning dropoff time at 9:15. the manmade off with cash and metro fare cards.
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two dogs playing in their backyard ate cheese but the food was poisoned and the dogs died. tonight shomari stone talked to the owner of the dogs as the investigation begins on two killed the two dogs. >> i'm constantly just on the verge of tears. >> reporter: her best friends, fiona and hank are gone. >> they would just jump on you. >> reporter: she had them for around seven years. animal services says they died from anti-freeze poisoning this week. >> i don't understand why someone would hurt them. >> reporter: investigators believe someone lose the the poisoned cheese over the fence. >> did neighbors complain about
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them? >> over a year and a half ago but that neighbor moved. >> reporter: now their toys, bowls, bones, and bed are still in the living room. >> this house is just so empty because they used to be at the front door when i came in. >> reporter: the animal control officers will talk to the neighbors in the community. they are asking the community for help. while animal services investigates grief turns to anger. >> i'm mad. how dare you do this. if you had a problem with me or with them, could you not have done something differently? could you told me? were they barking too much? >> reporter: investigators want anyone with information to call the loudoun county animal services at 703-777-0406. in lees burg i'm shomari stone, news4. thousands of prescription drugs sold illegally are off the streets tonight.
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fairfax county police seized the drugs at local businesses. the raid of 13 stores was the result of a year long undercover operation. the drugs sold include birth control, antibiotics and painkillers smuggled from central america and sold to latino customers at cost. the clerks could face felony charges. electrician pleaded guilty to providing videos to terror organizations. he was arrested in september. prosecutors say he admitted creating and posting a five-minute youtube video that advocates jihad against enemies of islam. he is facing 15 years in jail. detectives believe the same person or people could be behind four armed robberies in gaithersburg. a cvs store was hit twice.
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most recently on wednesday. this is a have from a 7-eleven store on october 12th in the 19,000 block of watkins mill road. the three holdups may be linked to a 7-eleven robbery in october. teenagers in frederick county have only two more weekends to stay out late. this week, officials in middletown, maryland approved a curfew for teenagers. anyone younger than 18 years old cannot be out past midnight. there are some exceptions, including when a child is with a parent. if a teenager is caught past curfew their parents could face a fine. is it a chilly friday night. what it is going to do this weekend? veronica johnson joins us with that. >> we start at 44 degrees. chilly. you will be shivering without
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the coat. dale city is at 33. and 36 to start off the day in mitchellville. so a cold start for us for sure. the kind of mild we had around last weekend. but i am excited about this weekend's forecast. i'll have the details straight ahead. >> thanks veronica. the santa ana winds out in southern california have done a lot of damage. the area is still under a state of emergency. wind gusts of more than 100 miles per hour knocked down trees and power lines. schools and roads closed for a second straight day. a quarter of a million homes are without power. forecasters are calling it one of the worst storms to hit the los angeles area in a generation. wall street ended this week flat after a robust rally all week. all three averages posted gains of more than 7%.
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today the dow jones industrial average logged its second best weekly point gain ever. the dow was in positive territory for 2011. the nation received good news on the jobs front. the unemployment rate fell to 8.6% last month. the lowest number in two and a half years. employers added 120,000 jobs last month. coming up tonight a mission up in a test caused a woman to find out a year later that she had cancer. thank you for recording us. >> girl scouts receive a special gift. a po[ baby coughing ]a
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for everyone. a bethesda woman says a clerical mixup caused her cancer to go undiagnosed for a year. the mixup happened when she lived in virginia beach. she got a letter saying that her pap test was normal but never heard about her mammogram. the results were sent to a surgery with the same name as herline call gist. she had chemotherapy and eventually a ma sectmy. she believes an earlier diagnosis might have made a difference in the course of her
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disease. some girl scouts in the area the victims of an unthinkable crime got a big surprise from the police tonight. back around halloween time, the girl scout troop had their cash box stolen while they were selling cookies outside a wal-mart. the police have been collecting donations and the police presented the girls with $700 today. >> it is more than just a matter of replacing what was lost for the girls. it's also replacing their sense of wholeness in the fact that the community supported them and that this act was definitely something that was an aberration versus the way that people usually treat other people. >> police arrested one person in connection with the crime in november. a police officers helped save the life of a 19-month-old child today. the police got a call about a child who wasn't breathing.
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the officer arrived and found the child blue in the face. he performed cpr until the paramedics got there. the officer continued cpr and the child started breathing again. >> i have heard it plenty of times today. i'm a humble person. i had a job to do and i did it to the best of my ability and thank god that the outcome was good. >> investigators say a prescription medication may have caused the girl to stop breathing. she is expected to make a full recovery. a cathedral in maryland kicked off its christmas celebration today featuring performances from the best chaos pell performers in the country. tonight is noel night it is a free night for children's groups and women's shelters. public performances will be held starting tomorrow through
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december 18th. this year's hot holiday toy is a tablet for kids. it's the leappad explorer by leapfrog. it is sold out online. there are some on amazon but will the cost you. sellers who have it in stock are selling it for double the original retail value. i'm glad i don't have to get those toys anymore. >> there are challenges with older children but nice -- >> more expensive but you don't have to hunt in november. it is chilly out there but not cold. >> is it not bad. i was able to get by like this in and out of the car. i'm excited about this weekend but last week we were in the 60s and 70s but it's december. we have decent weather. we have a clear sky with us
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right now. the temperature today was 55 degrees. in a weak weather front that came through the area today will leave us with slightly lower temperatures this weekend but not bad. 34 and 55 degrees were the low and high for the day. right now it's chilly at 44 degrees. a light wind out of the north right now. we're going to move from chilly air to cold air by tomorrow morning. numbers across the area. frederick, mount airy up north, frederick county maryland, 38 degrees 45 at stafford and fredericksburg, virginia. chilly conditions throughout the area. but look at storm 4 doppler scanning the area. not a drop to be found around the area. earlier today there was light snow showers up in northeast pennsylvania and upstate north. there is snow in new mexico east of albuquerque and thunderstorms in el paso. this system that produced the
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fierce santa anas throughout california will be making its way eastward hitting colder air. there is a swath of snow from new mexico all the way to wisconsin 3 to 6 inches. this will start driving eastward. it will bring us rain next week. but for the weekend will the be nice, quiet and dry. nice for december tomorrow. we are under the influence of high pressure that brought the gorgeous weather to the area today. on sunday all this white is cloud cover. high clouds that start moving in. the cold front is just outside of ohio. then will the start moving toward us on monday. but on monday it is looking dry. a touch warmer with a southwest flow on monday. and by tuesday, temperatures around the area are going to start getting up around 60 degrees. clear and cold tomorrow morning. a light wind at sunrise at 7:09.
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tomorrow afternoon, gorgeous for a winter day. that's right, winter started december 1st. 48 to 51 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. we take on the jets on sunday that game at 1:00 a good forecast with cloud cover around the area. will the be dry. hopefully we get a win on sunday. and everybody wins this weekend with this forecast. throw 50s across the area. bright and sunny on saturday but a good time to be out this weekend. close to 60 on mon. 60 on tuesday. warm air ahead of the next weather system and it comes through with rain and slightly cooler conditions midweek. then 46 to 45 on thursday and friday. and i just remembered i'm doing the coat drive friday morning. i'll be cold out there. >> you will need a coat with the coat drive.
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>> yep. >> have a good weekend. still ahead at 11:00, a lobster tank hops the atlantic. lobster tank hops the atlantic.
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♪ ...there are no sick days. ♪ vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. [ snoring ] [ indistinct talking on tv ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. ♪ it's fair to say that both of these guys need this game. >> yes. the redskins and jets need to win. the jets have a better chance for the playoffs but the redskins need it just as much
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because they want to build on a positive win from last weekend. >> they the jets head coach say that everything looks better when you win a game. the food tastes better and your girlfriend is better looking. rex grossman would agree and just like the coach. the q.p. is confident. even with a 4-7 record the redskins won't roll over. >> you are what your record says you are. but we still feel like we are a talented football team that can win every week. we are not patting ourselves on the back too much getting ready for the jets. >> they a talented team. that's a who's who. you look at the names on the back of the jerseys and you recognize all the guys. they have a whole group of the guys. we are coming out there and we'll see. we know the redskins are built.
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this is a big, strong, physical football team. we know it's going to be a battle. >> we hope so. a battle in high school football, quince orchard playing old mill for the 4 a state championship. >> you will never forget this moment for the rest of your life. you make every second of it count. one on three, one, two, three, win. >> cougars take a 21-0 lead. green had three touchdowns in the game. back comes old mill. shields up top and deep for charl chance. in between two defenders. 70 yard scoring strike. game tied at 28. we go to overtime. are you kidding me? in o.t. quince orchard gets the
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ball first. touchdown cougars. the patriots have to answer. and they do. shields plunges in for 6. i stead of going for the tie they go for two and the win. here is it. the biggest play of the game. the pitch to chesen. check it out. dives in and that's it. chesen who set a state record with 49 touchdowns this season makes the biggest play of his life. old mill wins 36-35 in overtime. a heard breaker for the cougars. but congratulations to old mill what a win for them. turning now to hockey. the capitals try to get dale hunter his first nhl victory tomorrow night at home against the senators. meanwhile bruce boudreau making his ducks debut. he is the second man to coach two teams in one season.
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the ducks on the power play. koivu up with a goal here. anaheim takes the 1-0 lead. ducks score two in the period. anaheim leads philadelphia 3-0. it's safe to say that bruce will get a win in his first game with the ducks. >> he did the worst the first here. >> i think it could happen. >> impressive read on the names. >[ male announcer ] are youames. paying more and more for cable
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a biker managed to survive a motorcycle stunt in brazil. two were performing. the bikers attempted to weave between three cars. the first rider passed through but the other crashed into one of the cars. the stunt man was taken to the hospital. he was okay. the biker was back at work the next day. >> they are tough people. if you have lost something you thought you would never get back pay attention. a fisherman lost a lobster trap in the perfect storm back in 1991. 20 years later, a name tag from that trap recently wash aid shore in ireland. the woman who found the tag looked up the name on facebook
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and tracked down the fisherman's son. hundreds of traps were lost during that perfect storm. an event made famous by the movie starring george clooney. >> do you think there was lobsters in it? >> we'll have to find out. that's our broadcast for now. the tonight show is next. >> see you monday. have a great
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